2018 Track From Scratch 1: Some More Step 3

This Sessions’s Project: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/seamlessr-tfs3-140-64-2018/
Gonna try for Mondays and Thursdays
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  1. Hi Seamless! Can you help me please? I'm trying to make a sound similar to Zardonic – Crush it, like on the 4th minute of his song, but i can't get such powerful and pumping sound. Maybe any ideas? Thanks.

  2. Hi Seamless! I have a question about mixing and mastering, if you have time I will appreciate this. I mix around -3db in the master, and when I finish I increase the volume of the track in mastering but it's not enough, if i increase more it loses sharpness and gets distorted, so I don't know if i need more volume in the mixing or I need to increase it in some way on mastering

  3. Hey seamless! I have a question for you. It is actually something i have been wondering about for a very long time, about a year in fact. So i do hope you take your time to answer as accurately as possible within reasonable expectation. It would be very much appreciated if you did take the time to do so. The question that i was wondering about is so complicated and extremely complex that i actually forgot the question itself in the writing of this comment.
    Thank you for reading this.

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