October 2016

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  • LearnZillion :Improve classroom instruction with high-quality instructional materials

    LearnZillion is a website that provides teachers with a library of interactive math and language arts lessons, videos, quizzes, and assignments for students. LearnZillion tracks student progress and achievement on the lessons and quizzes and reports the results to the teacher’s dashboard for assessment. A free version of LearnZIllion is available for teachers, but a […]

  • School of Code – The Multiplayer Coding Experience

    School of Code is a multiplayer coding platform, which allows members to learn to code whilst playing games. You start by creating your own pixel character, by coding it using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The fact that you need to work in a team and collaborate allows you to learn this important skill whilst learning […]

  • Do-it-yourself Maze Kit Lets Kids Design Their Very Own Puzzle

    The interactive toy teaches children about basic math while giving them a chance to design their very own complex puzzle and can be connected to an accompanying VR app. Combining high-quality materials with cutting-edge technology, Maze by Seedling gives kids an exciting new way to play. Start your adventure by designing your own marble Maze. […]

  • Want to watch Professional programmers code live? Do you want to chat them up?

    This livestreamed coding video platform lets people watch coding sessions for educational purposes. Livecoding.tv lets anyone watch experienced, professional coders do their thing while also asking questions and getting feedback. It also allows professional coders to get onboard and start teaching online. There have been lots of innovative and inclusive ways to get more people […]

  • Learn Computer science at Harvard for Free

    If you’ve resolve to learn to code this year, one of our favorite at Teachers Connect is just : Harvard’s CS50. It’ll teach you the beginnings of computer programming from the ground up. You can audit it online or even try for a certificate for free. so if you want to get involved, don’t wait. Head […]