September 2016

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  • Quick Key: The App that makes GRADing Papers Fast and Easy

    QuickKey is  iOS and Android app that can help you save time when grading multiple choice or true/false quizzes. How it Works Create your quiz on the Quick Key website then print bubble sheet. Distribute the bubble sheet. After your students have completed the bubble sheet you simply scan the sheets with your phone and […]

  • IBM WATSON : AI (Teacher Advisor) for third grade math

    IBM’s Watson platform is now ready to help teachers prepare lesson plans with Teacher Advisor, a program built by IBM Foundation in collaboration with American Federation of Teachers. Watson is a technology that understands all forms of data and reasons and learns at scale.It is a supercomputer that comprises of machine learning and Artificial intellgience […]

  • Google Science Fair 2016 Award Day Highlights

    Yesterday 27th of September 2016,  Google announced the winners of its annual Google Science Fair 2016, which had sponsors like LEGO Education, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galatic. The competition is open to 13 to 18-year-old students around the globe, who formulate a hypothesis, perform an experiment, and present their results via an online competition. The […]

  • Free Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators

    COURSE DESCRIPTION Being an effective teacher requires a variety of skills but some of the most important are the ability to communicate effectively with students, motivate students to learn, and implement successful instructional planning within the classroom. ALISON’s free online Diploma course will help you further explore and understand the importance of these skills, and how they […]

  • Google Certifications for Teachers!

    We have spent a lot of time helping other Teachers prepare for Google Certifications, and we happy to share some new information. In conjunction with the release of a brand new Google Education Training Center, Google has revealed its new certification to the masses. We have some new titles, badges, and wonderful ways to learn […]

  • Apple introduces the Teachers Program (Become Apple Certified )

    Teach in ways you’ve always imagined. As a teacher, you inspire the next generation of leaders. You make complex ideas easy to understand. And you’re always looking for new ways to engage your students. So, with the Apple Teachers Program, there are series of tips, stories, and other helpful materials on this page to keep […]

  • A Survival Guide for New Teachers (Nigeria)

    It’s here: a new academic session and for some the first year of teaching . Surviving as a first time teacher isn’t easy . Between the sheer work load, different tasks,unfriendly students ,the always right parents almost pulling you into thinking why this school why teaching. Get ready to be the new kid on the […]

  • Timeout (App of the day)

    We all spend a lot of time on our smartphones (about 15.5 million  smartphones in Nigeria, ), and want to change that, Timeout is here for you. Once installed, it lists down all the apps from your phone and a toggle button lets you assign time limits for every app. The limit applies right when you start the app and once the time […]