10 Things You Didn’t know about KarateKid



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  1. "Glory of Love" the love theme from The Karate Kid II, written/sung by Peter Cetera, was originally written for Rocky IV. Interesting how the theme songs for both I & II were passed over by the Rocky franchise.

  2. Oh crap the 4th one was great, the 5th one was a mess. And after seeing the first two of COBRA KAI I really hope it goes forward and grows. So far the only thing I hope that happens is Johnny remembers and learns from past bully status later on in CK on YouTube. The Swank character coming in later on in CK version might also be good twist.

  3. re the pie…it would also go a long way to debunk the "Daniel is the bully" theory by showing Johnny was actively antagonizing Daniel

  4. Here's a random fun fact about Karate Kid,the skeleton outfit worn from Johnny and crew inspired Fortnite to make a skin called Skull Trooper.I'm hoping epic is smart enough to re release the skin for the Cobra Kai hype happening now.

  5. "Kaibra Co sensai"?…. Really??? Fucking learn your fucking lines you pathetic moron!!!!! Yeah thats 4 times an explanation mark. You fucking deserve it after that miserable mistake. There's only an entire series named after the fake dojo you just mispronounced you millenial fuckwad. Maybe not talk about shit you don't know anything about until you actually fucking do know something about it!!.
    PS: those aviators just look really stupid on you.

  6. Umm … Robin Lively's character in, "The Karate Kid Pt. III," was never meant to be a love interest for Daniel. Guess you weren't paying attention to the movie.

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