📚 Learn Math (1+2=3) Math GAME for children & toddlers | Wonderwood 🌈 Unsolved Mystery in TechLab

Children will be introduced to basic math operations by our fun and engaging GAME
It helps kids to familiarize with addition, subtraction operations and coding
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Math Coding” is a puzzle-coding game that requires planning, problem-solving and logical thinking. It equips children with the basics of programming while enhancing their strategic thinking. The game aims to reach the target number by using the given numbers and operations on the grid.

The player must solve basic addition and subtraction operations in the right sequence. The character is navigated on the game area with the coding commands. On the way to the target, the character may also encounter some obstacles. In that case, the player has to break or move around the object. Are you ready to test your coding and math skills? Then join our WonderWood Four in their “Math Coding” adventure. 

🌟 Features 🌟

🌀Pre-coding knowledge for young children.
🌀An intriguing puzzle game that helps children improve their precoding skills.
🌀Practice basic mathematical operations of addition and subtraction.
🌀Progressive difficulty of over 50 levels.
🌀Promotes planning, problem-solving and logical thinking.
🌀Beautiful and child-appropriate graphics that invite children for learning.
🌀Ideal for young children.
🌀No ads, no in-app purchase, a safe place for your children.


🌀Logical Thinking
🌀Problem Solving
🌀Spatial Orientation
🌀Number Recognition
🌀Basic Operations


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